4 Fun Myths About Wine, Fact or Fiction?

4 Fun Myths About Wine, Fact or Fiction?

Wine is one of the most complex drinks on the planet, and it’s just as fun! The thing with wine, though, is that there are so many things to learn about it. There are also so many myths around fermented grape juice that can make wine intimidating for the inexperienced. 

Well, at All About That Wine, we’re putting to rest some of these myths and show wine how it really is — it’s not a snobby drink but one that everyone can enjoy! Here’s what you need to know: wine facts vs fiction. 

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wine facts & fiction - stemmed vs stemless wine glasses

1. You must drink wine in a stemmed wine glass. Fact or Fiction?

This one is tricky. Stemmed wine glasses are nice-looking, there’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re nothing more than a stylistic choice. 

Connoisseurs might say the stem prevents you from heating the wine with your palm’s warmth, but if you are holding your stemless wine glass for so long, you’re drinking it wrong. Pour yourself and your guests smaller amounts and refill the glasses as necessary. There’s no chance you’ll heat the wine with your warmth to undrinkable levels. Another option (if you’re not a connoisseur) is to just add some ice to enjoy it as a refreshing drink. 

The verdict? False! You can enjoy wine in both stemmed and stemless wine glasses!

2. White wine should be served ice cold. Fact or Fiction?

White wine, along with rosé and sparkling wine, should be served colder than red, that’s true. And it’s because red wine is often more aromatic (volatile) and needs warmer temperatures to express itself. 

Serving the wine too cold, despite the wine style, is never a good idea, though. Sure, it’s fresh, but you miss out on the wine’s scents! The right temperature for white, rosé and sparkling wines is 6-8°C , which is slightly above your fridge temperature. You can serve them a bit warmer, up to 12°C if the wine has a fuller body. Red wines are more enjoyable between 14°C and 18°C. 

Don’t overthink the wine temperature; just make sure it’s cool to the touch!

The verdict? False! Too cold, and the wine lacks personality. Too hot, and it’s overly alcoholic.

wine facts & fiction - screw top vs corked wine

3. Screw top wine is no good. Fact or Fiction?

There was a time when screw top (or screw cap) was used to cap the most inexpensive wines, often of lower quality. And snobby wine lovers refused to drink anything not capped with a cork. 

Today we know screw tops are not all that bad, and some producers are using the closure for their finest wines! The thing is, screw tops are more sophisticated than ever. If you thought wine couldn’t ‘breathe’ when capped with a screw top, well, you should now; now, the modern versions of the closure allow for some gas exchange. 

The verdict? False! Screw tops are incredible! Cork is too, but the closure might be seeing the end of its empire. 

4. Pink wine is girly. Fact or Fiction?

Can we grow up already? Pink stuff is for girls and blue things for boys. We can tell you right now this is not true!

Actually, pink wine (AKA rosé) is fantastic. For starters, it’s always inexpensive. Second, it’s refreshing and thirst-quenching — this is the right wine for pool parties and backyard grilling get-togethers. 

Let’s give rosé some respect. You always look fabulous with a glass of pink wine, whether you’re a boy or a girl. In fact, you should get yourself a ‘Rosé the Day Away Stemless Glass’ and show everyone how it’s done!

The verdict? False. Rosé is for connoisseurs, regardless of their gender. If you see someone drinking pink wine, know they know what wine is all about!

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