Featuring 5 South African Wines

Featuring 5 South African Wines

Wines have inherited numerous cultural significances throughout centuries, and South Africa has become a booming hub for top quality wines in a couple of decades. For this reason, wine lovers from all over the world gather in the country to taste what they have to offer.

South Africa’s wine industry had to face a few challenges over the last 2 years due to the covid crisis. The hurdle became financially tough when the Government declared a ban on alcoholic beverage sales at the beginning of the pandemic. Even though the wine industry is slowly picking up pace, it had already taken its toll on many small vine growers. However, the locals and small brewers produce some of the finest wines in the nation.

Here are our five featured South African wines for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts alike who haven’t tried them yet.

Featuring South African wines

1. Diemersdal wild horseshoe sauvignon blanc 2018

The Sauvignon blanc may be a known name, but this variant offers a completely different experience. With 13.5% alcohol, this bold wine is really unique and has won some awards like the Tim Atkin Report ’16 – 95 points Vintage 2016.

It comes from the country’s oldest vineyard regions of Durbanville. The wine tastes like a rich, bold, and oaked version of the finest grapes with the right wine glasses. The aftertaste hints at different notes of melon, pear, and golden kiwi.

2. Morrison’s the best South African pinotage 2016

This wine has become South Africa's signature variety. Pinotage grapes are fast-growing, giving it a richer, berry-like flavor. That is why this variant has earned its place in tables of every type. Another great thing about this classic is the rich flavors of the grapes complemented by the light smokiness. The alcohol content is 14% in this one.

3. Journey’s End cape doctor cabernet sauvignon 2016

One of the best things about this wine is, it comes from the most famed vineyards of the region, Stellenbosch. The local growers are very impressive for their winemaking skills. They invest in a pesticide-free, natural maturation of the fruit and wine alike. That results in a low yield yet very high-quality grapes with rich spiciness. With 13.5% alcohol, this wine is a great choice for your meetings, parties, and camping.

South African wine industry

4. Kendal Lodge cabernet sauvignon merlot cabernet franc 2018

This merlot also brings the rich flavors of the Slopes of Stellenbosch. The finest oak barrels and a few mountain herbs make the flavor much fuller. This wine contains 14% alcohol and good to serve with roasted beef or lamb or turkey. The slow maturing process makes it taste natural and excellent.

5. Cannonberg chenin blanc 2019

Although the grape variety is not that high quality, the makers produce a fine product with their experience and recipes. For that, it comes as a great value-for-money product and common choice. Moreover, the bottles you buy from them provide financial support to many community projects. The wine tastes rich with an aroma of smoky oak and finishes with the sweet balance of apples and pears with high acidity. The flavors linger long, too.

With all that, South Africa has many more to offer when it comes to wines. A whole variety of merchandise is there to be the perfect gifts for wine lovers.

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To conclude, South African wines are one of the best when it comes to quality within reach. The wines and plenty of merchandise make the overall drinking experience quite a pleasurable one. 


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